Homicide Cases

Hello. I’m Jackson F. Gorski, and my field of expertise is criminal defense in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

Rather than join a firm with a number of lawyers (and lots of confusion), I opted ahead of time to maintain my own office and specialize in homicide, murder, criminal negligence and other felonious charges on a case-by-case basis. As an adjunct to this, I include Family Law practice as well.

I realize that every situation is different. Lumped together, felony cases may easily be grouped into categories, but in the real courtroom facing a real judge, every defense attorney could and should, face the prosecution with a unique and meaningful defense. I’m here to defend you against any serious charges that may be levied against you, and I take the time to spell out possible criminal penalties in the state of Texas.

It is my motto, and my vow to you that I’ll never give a case a cookie-cutter defense. No matter how serious or damning a case against you may be, you can rest assured that I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

If and when necessary, I may hire private investigators and expert witnesses. This is never done casually, and I’ll never take a step without discussing my strategy with you. And I assure you that my fees are among the most competitive in the entire state of Texas.

In my practice, I’ve learned the ways in which the state of Texas goes about developing a case against a defendant. I’ve learned how to anticipate this and be prepared. As your advocate, I can often induce the prosecution to drop all charges, or in a worst-case scenario, reduce the charges. Remember, a conviction for a felonious act can wreak havoc on your personal life and your ability to find and hold the sort of job for which you’re otherwise highly qualified.

Many of the laws regarding criminal activity, homicide, manslaughter, and others are more stringent than in some other states and this can be an important point to remember.

  • Murder

Section 19.03 of the Texas penal code deals with capital murder. This section spells out the many different offenses that fall into this category, any one of which is considered a capital felony.

  • Manslaughter

Section 19.04 spells out the different offenses that fall into this category. Essentially, if your activity recklessly causes the death of another, it may be considered to be manslaughter. This would be considered a felony of the second degree.

Being convicted of manslaughter under the above-cited section is a felony of the second degree. While the state of Texas considers manslaughter to be a less heinous offense than capital murder, a manslaughter conviction is nevertheless very serious and the court may hand down a severe penalty, depending on all the circumstances.

  • Criminally negligent homicide

Criminally negligent homicide applies when a person unknowingly and/or unwittingly, through his/her own criminal negligence, causes the death of another. Any offense falling into this category would be a state jail felony.

Upon release from prison, convicted felons lose the right to own firearms for protection in their own homes.

Insofar as punishment for criminal convictions, Texas is one of the hardest hitting states in the Union. Its reputation for being tough on crime is rightly earned through Texas being the leading state in the Union when it comes to executions.

Felonious charges against you don’t get any more serious than that. Even when you believe the prosecution lacks the necessary evidence to prevail in the courtroom, you never know.

Chapter 8 of the Texas Penal Code does leave the door open to certain defenses and, added to these, a competent criminal defense lawyer can often bring about a mistrial, dropped charges, or at least a greatly reduced sentence. Some of the possible defense issues could be a claim of illegal search and seizure, justification of murder in self-defense, mental health defense, criminal responsibility as an adjunct to presenting the best in expert witness testimony. This is a most important reason to find an advocate who is thoroughly versed in the law and the arguments the prosecution is likely to present.

This might be likened somewhat to a prizefighter who studies a future opponent’s fighting style and structure.

A felonious charge is a very serious challenge facing any citizen, and having the right defense at one’s side can literally make the difference between life and death.