White Collar Crimes

Charged with White Collar Theft in Austin?

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When a person is accused of a theft offense by the use of technology, deception, or trickery, as opposed to burgling a habitation or buildingrobbing someone by forceshoplifting and physical property theft, the offense is considered fraud or theft by slight and is generally referred to as a white collar crime.

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What is a White Collar Crime?

The short answer; a sophisticated theft scheme based on deception.

Fraud, embezzlement, check scams, money laundering, online theft offenses, bribery, extortion, and illegal gambling are few crimes that come to mind when considering the nature of white collar crimes. Federal offenses like medicare fraud and tax-related offenses can also be considered white collar crimes right along with traditional cons and Ponzi schemes.

The Enron scandal in Houston is one of the best known white collar criminal conspiracies in Texas, but such offenses are almost always on a much smaller scale. If a person is believed to be stealing from their employer or fraudulently using a credit card, they’ve committed a white collar crime and will benefit from retaining legal counsel in the event they’re brought up on criminal charges.

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White Collar Crimes & The Texas Legal System

In Texas, the severity of the criminal classification all theft offenses, including white collar crimes, are determined by the value of the items stolen or the amount of money/value displaced by the accused. Below we’ve added a table which outlines the sentencing guidelines and criminal classifications for various levels of theft.

Although the value of some white collar theft schemes should define them as misdemeanor theft offenses under Texas theft penalty guidelines, the nature of the crime and the manner in which it occurred could result in the accused party being charged as a felon, even though the amount of value stolen from the victim was under the $2,500.00 misdemeanor threshold.

In Texas, the only “white collar” crimes directly outlined by the law are the following;

  • insurance fraud,
  • credit card fraud,
  • identity theft,
  • and money laundering.

Regardless of the dollar amount involved, a person convicted for any of the offenses in the list above, with the exception of insurance fraud, will be charged with a State Jail Felony at the minimum and forced to serve up to 2 years in a state jail facility.

That isn’t to say that insurance fraud cases won’t be classified as a felony, but is to say that some insurance fraud cases are reduced to misdemeanors or aren’t always pursued for felony convictions.

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Facing Criminal Charges for a White Collar Crime?

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