Austin Criminal Lawyer
Jackson F. Gorski

Whether innocent or not, defendants charged with or arrested for misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses need legal representation as fast as they can get it.

If they’re being detained in the Travis County jail, they’ll need jail release services so they can get ready for their court appearance and help counsel investigate the case for their defense.

When the lawyer has access to and the cooperation of the accused, it makes defending them from prosecution less complicated. It makes a difference when legal counsel knows which witnesses to interview, and which witnesses are lying. Some witnesses aren’t witnesses at all. They’re liars. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can demonstrate the damages caused by false-witnesses in a courtroom setting with any effectivity.

Defendants Need & Deserve Aggressive Legal Representation

Never trust the government. Ever. If we could trust the government to properly administer the law, most or all of us would be in prison. Almost everything is illegal or a violation of “some ordinance” which results in no lack of criminal charges against the citizenry or the state’s will to pursue them legally. This is why EVERYONE deserves an aggressive legal defense. The government cannot be trusted.

The Constitution of the United States and the Texas Constitution provide protections for the individual against the state, and us criminal defense lawyers ensure those protections are upheld. Due to the inefficient nature of government and her agencies, even the red-handed guilty deserve a strong legal defense. After all, a person may not need a 20-year prison sentence to learn their lesson when 6-months to 2-years might do the trick. If a person is innocent, they’ll need legal representation even more. As commonly joked among my colleagues, “defendants who are guilty need a damn good lawyer and the ones who are innocent need an even better one.“