Austin Jail Release Lawyer

I’m Jackson F. Gorski, an experienced Austin jail release and criminal law attorney.

As a licensed Texas defense attorney, I may be able to obtain the release of an inmate from jail quickly, for a much cheaper fee than if you were to use a bail bonds service. Also, keep in mind that all county jail release fees are applied toward the costs associated with legal representation on the originating criminal charge.

Once I’m hired, I will go to the Travis County jail to fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf, obtain a personal recognizance bond or cash deposit bond, and get the inmate released from the Travis County jail immediately. Although my goal is the get the defendant out of jail quickly, in some instances the jail booking process can take some time. By the same token, you may not be able to locate the inmate using Travis County jail search tools until they’ve completed the jail booking process.

Attorney Jackson F. Gorski

If a loved one of yours or someone else that you know is in custody at the Travis County jail, please call my office immediately at (512) 960-4646 for jail release assistance. All jail release fees will apply toward legal representation.