Is Your Son or Daughter Facing Criminal Charges in Austin?

Contact Austin Juvenile Offender Defense Lawyer Jackson F. Gorski.

The state of Texas is serious about law enforcement and will pursue criminal charges on children as well as adults. Regardless of what occurred and the related circumstances, a child can be arrested for any offense that an adult can be arrested for in the state of Texas.

Although the juvenile justice system differs from the adult criminal justice system in many ways which includes the goals of the system and the administering of penalties, the situation is just as serious as if it were an adult arrested for a felony offense.

People make mistakes. Not everyone accused of a crime is guilty of it. If a juvenile is accused of a crime they need and deserve proper legal representation just like everyone else. If your son, daughter, or other loved one who happens to be a minor or juvenile have been ensnared by the criminal justice system, call my office as soon as possible.

I’m Jackson F. Gorski, an experienced criminal defense lawyer for minors that’s based in Austin, TX. The phone number to reach my office is 512-960-4646.

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Austin, TX Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child is facing allegations of a criminal offense, our office will help you. By taking a proactive stance on the issue, whether they were right or wrong in their actions, will go a long way to preserving the future potential of the juvenile in question. It’s not uncommon for juveniles to make mistakes with some of them being criminal in nature. It doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t change in the future, as is normally the case with juvenile offenders.

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski has an extensive history of providing legal representation to criminally-charged college students enrolled in University of Texas, Concordia University, and other Austin area universities.

I know what it takes to help prevent a temporary mistake from becoming a lifelong detriment. When you call our office I’ll advise you of the next step, move with vigor to fight back against the allegations on the child and to mitigate the negative effects of the event. We’ll guide you through the custody/intake process, adjudication and dispositional hearings, and aftercare if the child is sentenced to any length of jail time. If you’re serious about protecting your child from the state, we’re ready to help you.

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Fighting for the Rights & Futures of Austin Juveniles

Jackson F. Gorski, the Defense Lawyer for Minors

If your child or other young loved one is accused of committing a criminal offense and are forced to enduring the challenges of the juvenile court system in Travis County, contact Austin criminal defense lawyer Jackson F. Gorski as soon as possible.

To reach our office please call us by phone at 512-960-4646 or send a written message to us using the contact form on this page. Our service area includes Austin, Travis County, Williamson County, Caldwell County, Hays County, Bastrop County, Pflugerville, Buda, Kyle, Leander, Round Rock, San Marcos, Georgetown, Central Texas, Cedar Park and all areas in between.

We also provide jail release services in place of pricey bail-bond options.

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