Promotion of Prostitution

Promotion of Prostitution

The state of Texas takes sex crimes very seriously. As a result, any alleged sexual-related offense committed by an individual can be aggressively prosecuted and may result in steep consequences. Worse yet, a conviction for any sex crime can land a person on the Texas sex offender registry and haunt them for many years.

If you have been arrested for promotion of prostitution, contact The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski. Jackson F. Gorski at The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Texas and can create a strong defense for your case. Discuss your legal options with Mr. Gorski today.

Austin Promotion of Prostitution Attorney, TX

If you have been arrested for promotion of prostitution in Texas, retaining representation is vital to ensuring that you do not suffer the most crippling penalties. Austin criminal defense lawyer Jackson F. Gorski at The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski has years of criminal defense experience that has prepared him to successfully handle all prostitution charges. Allow him to protect your rights and your future.

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski has offices in both Austin and Georgetown, TX but accepts clients throughout various counties including Travis County, Williamson County, Bell County, Bastrop County, Blanco County, Caldwell County, Hays County, Milam County, and Burnett County. Do not wait until it is too late. Call 512-960-4646 to secure a free, confidential consultation with The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski today.

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Penalties for Promotion of Prostitution in Texas

According to Texas Penal Code §43.03, an individual commits this offense if he or she knowingly:

  • Receives money or property in agreement to participate in prostitution proceeds
  • Solicits someone to engage in sexual conduct with another person for compensation

Promotion of prostitution is a 3rd-degree felony. Yet, it escalates into a 2nd-degree felony if a jury has previously convicted the individual of this offense.

It becomes a 1st-degree felony if the alleged victim is seventeen or younger, regardless of whether the individual knows the victim’s age at the time of the alleged offense. Therefore, the individual is likely to spend years in state prison if a jury finds them guilty, regardless of the degree. However, in some instances, an experienced Texas criminal defense team may convince a judge that probation or community supervision is a sufficient alternative sentence.

Other penalties include:

  • Employment loss
  • Difficulty securing new employment post-incarceration
  • Certification or license loss

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Defenses for Promotion of Prostitution in TX

There are viable defenses to every crime. The most fruitful defenses stem from an individual’s honest and detailed communication with their defense lawyer and a thorough investigation. Some defenses include:

  • Insufficient evidence
  • Entrapment
  • False accusation
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of solicitation

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Additional Resources

Texas Penal Code: Promotion of Prostitution – Click the link to access the Texas Penal Code and view chapter 43.03 which constitutes the promotion of prostitution charge. Read how the State of Texas penalizes the offense.

Breaking The Chains Of Slavery – Follow the link provided to view The Texas Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking’s website which provides information and tools for survivors of human trafficking.

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Texas Promotion of Prostitution Lawyer, Austin

If you are facing charges for promotion of prostitution, you should refuse to make any kind of statement until you have legal representation. Jackson F. Gorski understands the tremendous toll that these types of allegations can take on every aspect of the life of an alleged offender. He can fight to get your criminal charges reduced or completely dismissed.

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski serves clients in Pflugerville, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Anderson Mill, Round Rock, Kyle, Seguin, Lockhart, Georgetown, Leander, Austin, Georgetown, San Marcos, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, and Taylor, TX. To schedule a free consultation with The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski today, call 512-960-4646.

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