Jackson defended my partner Todd in a Revocation of probation matter. Jackson fought passionately and built a solid case for reinstatement and was...
Jackson is very knowledgeable, he really helped me out of a super sticky situation. Many thanks, I wish I could give more than 5 stars
I am so thankful that I ran across Jackson Gorski. He helped my mom and family members out of numerous troubles and even help to get my cousin out of jail....

Superb Lawyer

Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing Jackson personally over the span of several years, I also utilized his lawyering skills when i was in trouble. He was immediately at my side to help… so much so that had I been quicker he could have helped me even sooner. Not only that, his communication skills were excellent for a lawyer/customer relationship. He made sure I was on top of my case and ahead of schedule with any paperwork needed. His pricing was fair, he did not cost a fortune.


Effective and Efficient

Jackson Gorski handled our case effectively and efficiently and made the process as painless as possible. I knew from the start that he cared and wanted to help. And he did!


Finally, a Lawyer with Empathy

Although fairly new in the law industry find that Mr. Gorski has a great understanding of the law and has a fantastic set of lawyers to turn to when needing advice. case still pending but at least I feel like I have respectable counsel and I know that Mr. Fox has been practicing for quite a while and I trust his wisdom.