Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry

Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry

If an individual had to register as a sexual offender, it’s only natural that they look forward to deregistration at some point. Deregistration opens the door to new opportunities. They’ll have more job and housing options. They’ll get to move freely without concerns about keeping up with registration laws in a different state.

Here are the steps an individual must take.

  • Determine eligibility for deregistration.
  • Submit an application to the Council on Sex Offender Treatment.
  • Schedule a deregistration evaluation with a specialist if the Council approves the application.
  • Petition a Texas court for deregistration if a specialist concluded that the individual met the deregistration criteria.

These steps vary depending on an individual’s deregistration specialist’s findings. Also, judges can be reluctant to remove the individual’s name from this list. These steps may seem straightforward, but they are complicated in practice. Therefore, it’s best to start this process with a knowledgeable deregistration from a sex offender registry attorney in Texas.

Austin Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry Attorney, TX

Petitioning for removal from the Texas sex offender registry is a detailed procedure that requires expert legal advice from a skilled sex crimes lawyer. If you are attempting to deregister as a sex offender in Austin, TX, consult experienced criminal defense lawyer Jackson Gorski at The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski. He can help you navigate this difficult process.

To receive assistance in your case today, call 512-960-4646 to schedule a free consultation. The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski represents individuals throughout Bell County, Hays County, Williamson County, Caldwell County, Bastrop County, Milam County, and Blanco County.

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Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry Eligibility

An individual must be eligible to deregister from the sex offender list before submitting their application. How does an individual know if they’re eligible? If the individual no longer wants their name on the Texas sex offender registration list, all of the following must be true.

  • The individual is a first-time offender.
  • The individual completed sex offender treatment.
  • The individual is not at risk of re-offending for a sex-related crime.
  • The individual is registered as a sexual offender for at least ten years.

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Timeline for Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry

The timeline for each criminal offense is different. Although an individual must serve a minimum of ten years, their particular offense may require them to register for at least twenty years before they apply for deregistration. Some violations require the individual to register for a lifetime. However, they can still pursue deregistration for some offenses with a lifetime registration requirement if certain factors apply.

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Even if an individual meets the above criteria for eligibility, certain offenses make them ineligible for deregistration regardless.

The Council on Sex Offender Treatment will also assess other risk factors. They work with neutral, third-party sex offender treatment providers as they work through evaluating an individual’s unique case. This team will review the individual’s criminal history and other relevant information during this assessment. For example, they may review reports of personality disorders a psychiatrist has diagnosed them with. Furthermore, even if the individual’s criminal history doesn’t involve other sex-related crimes, the Council may use them against the individual to show a likelihood of future violent acts against others. Suppose the individual committed aggravated kidnapping or burglary. The Council may infer that there’s a strong chance they’ll re-offend because perpetrators often commit a sexual assault during such crimes.

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Additional Resources

How To Deregister – Texas Sex Offender DeRegistration’s [sic] website provides a step-by-step guide to deregistering from the Texas sexual offender registration list.

Sex Offender Rehabilitation Programs – Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s website describes various rehabilitative programs for registered sex offenders in Texas. It also provides the contact information of the Deputy Director of Sex Offender Programs.

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Georgetown Deregistration from Sex Offender Registry Attorney, TX

In Texas, depending on the underlying crime, it is possible to deregister as a sex offender. If you believe you are eligible to petition for removal from the sex offender registry, contact The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski. Georgetown criminal defense attorney Jackson Gorski understands the burden of having to go through life as a registered sex offender. He also believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

To explore the options available to you based on your specific situation, call 512-960-4646 to schedule a free consultation. Mr. Gorski can provide quality legal guidance throughout the entire legal process. The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski has offices in both Austin and Georgetown, TX but accepts clients throughout in nearby communities such Cedar Park, Florence, Granger, Jarrell, Leander, Round Rock, Thrall, Weir, and Coupland.

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