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Although moving into a new house, apartment, or other new residential premises can be complicated, it’s also a fun and refreshing experience.

Sometimes we can be so excited about being approved for the lease that we’ll sign it in agreement without reading through the nuances of the documents thoroughly. When this occurs, the doors of strife, resentment, and misunderstanding between the landlord and tenant are opened.

In other instances tenants have adhered to their rental or lease agreements, yet find themselves on the receiving end of a careless or retaliatory landlord. Whether there’s a disagreement related to repairs, late fees, or untimely lease terminations, there’s always a way to bring the matter to a conclusion even if it involves filing a civil lawsuit.

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski has defended the rights of hundreds of Austin-area tenants who were in disputes with their landlord and has seen most of them to a beneficial resolution. If you live in the Austin area and need to consult with a tenant lawyer, call me at 512-960-4646.

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Texas Tenant Rights

Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code is one of the governing statutes that relates to tenants and landlords in Texas. Although tenants have rights which puts the law behind them, the leasing agreement remains among the most important documentation as it relates to your situation. Aside from the details of the leasing or rental agreement, Texans are entitled to a number of rights when taking up residency on or in a landlord’s property which we’ve outlined below.

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Peace & Quiet

In Texas, a landlord cannot evict a tenant without just cause and isn’t lawfully allowed to bother the tenant. In other words, you have the right to live in peace & quiet. This also applies to your neighbors as well. If they’re keeping up too much noise, commotion, or are disturbing your right to enjoy peace & quiet, you have a legal leg to stand on that’s backed by the law.

Such legal protections can be extremely useful when moving into a desired setting only to find out later about neighbors who ruin the experience. The landlord of the building, apartment complex, or condo is charged by law with ensuring that you aren’t disturbed. If you have questions about these legal provisions, please call me at 512-960-4646.

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Health & Safety

If there’s a condition on the property that represents a safety concern, the landlord is required by law to repair it. However, if the tenant or their guests caused an unsafe condition of the property due to an accident, negligence, or intentionally, the tenant can be held liable for repairs.

As of 2010, Texas law now allows a sitting Justice of the Peace to order a landlord to conduct repairs on property damages that can have an immediate impact on the health or safety of the tenant. An example of such repairs could be fire hazards, faulty wiring, loose hand railing, broken steps on stairs, or water leaks.

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Tenant Security

Although there are some specific exceptions, under Texas law, a dwelling must be equipped with security devices such as window latches, keyed dead bolts on exterior doors, sliding door pin locks and sliding door handle latches or sliding door security bars, and door viewers.

These devices must be installed at the landlord’s expense. If such devices are missing or are defective, you have the right to request their installation or repair.

If you have questions about whether or not the law applies to your situation, or if you’re looking for a tenant defense lawyer in Austin, contact The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorksi at 512-960-4646.

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Common Tenant Disputes

There are numerous situations which could lead to a disagreement between a landlord and a tenant which could spur intervention within the court system. Below we’ve listed some of the most common reasons that tenants have found themselves in negative predicaments with their landlords.

  • Breach of Rental or Lease Terms
  • Early Eviction or Early Lease Termination
  • Unlawful Evictions (Without Proper Court Procedures)
  • Excessive Late Fees
  • Deposit Recovery
  • Repair & Maintenance Concerns
  • Discrimination
  • Premise Liability Claims & Injuries

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