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The State of Texas considers cocaine a dangerous, addictive drug and the precursor of other crimes like robbery, murder, and theft. For this reason, the possession of cocaine, crack, or even crack-pipes, residue, and trace amounts of the drug will result in an arrest and a felony drug charge in the state of Texas. The defendants in these cases are always pursued for conviction in Travis County.

If you were arrested in connection with cocaine, there may be some options available to keep you out of jail, but not very many. My office has extensive experience defending people who are facing criminal charges for drug offenses in Austin and offers free case evaluations to individuals charged with felony offenses.

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Cocaine Related Offenses & the State of Texas

An Overview of the Law & the Criminal Justice System

Texas law is very clear, the possession of any amount of cocaine is a felony offense. Possession is defined as being in direct control or having direct access to the drug.

Whether a person is hopelessly addicted to cocaine or dealing in the controlled substance, anyone found to be in possession of any amount of cocaine will be charged with a felony. The severity of the criminal classification of the felony and the sentencing guidelines directly correlates with the amount of the drug the defendant is accused of possessing.

The table below outlines the sentencing guidelines for drug offenses involving different amounts of cocaine.

Criminal Classification
State Jail Felony
180D-2YR State Jail - 10K Fine
1-3.99 Grams
2nd Degree Felony
2-10YR TDCJ - 10K Fine
4-199 Grams
1st Degree Felony
2-20YR TDCJ - 10K Fine
200-399 Grams
1st Degree Felony
10-99YR TDCJ - 100K Fine
400+ Grams
1st Degree Felony
15-99YR TDCJ - 250K Fine

Special Note: Habitual offenders and defendants charged with manufacture & delivery of cocaine will face enhancements leading to more severe penalties if they’re convicted.

Charged with Cocaine Possession in Austin, TX?

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Avoid Jail for Cocaine Possession

Although cocaine possession is a strictly enforced felony in the state of Texas, some drug courts will allow first-time offenders and some folks struggling with substance abuse to avoid jail via probation or by taking part and successfully completing a drug treatment program. Some Travis County judges are open to the concept of a second chance on won’t mind taking a chance on certain defendants. Although there’s no guarantees that jail can be avoided, it may be possible.

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Arrested for Cocaine Possession in Austin?

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If you have a loved one in jail awaiting their day in court, I provide jail release bail-bond services in Travis County which is more affordable and far cheaper than traditional bail bondsmen.

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