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Attorney Jackson F. Gorski will provide the counsel you’ll need to help you make the best decision about how to address the case. Whether you’re charged with domestic violence, assault on a child, aggravated assault, or a homicide related offense, The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski will aggressively defend your rights and will take the case to a full blown trial if warranted.

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Austin Assault Cases
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Losers Always Press Charges

Mutual combat and self-defense are 100% lawful and legal in the great state of Texas. If you and a friend “got into it” and had a fist fight, that’s legal, but if the one combatant was a female and the other a man or if a weapon was used, things get complicated.

If you assaulted someone because were defending yourself, your property, or someone who couldn’t be reasonably expected to be capable of defending themselves, you’ve broken no law in Texas and shouldn’t have been arrested.

Regardless of the situation that occurred, if you were unfairly arrested for assault, your best option is to contact Attorney Jackson F. Gorski or another equally qualified criminal defense lawyer in Austin who handles assault cases. To contact Attorney Jackson F. Gorski, call 512-960-4646 or click here to send us a confidential message using our secure contact form.

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“Jackson is an outstanding advocate for his clients. Rain or shine, he is responsive and honest, putting everything aside in their time of need. There may come a time where you find yourself accused of a crime. If that happens, Jackson has your back.”

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Dealing with Austin Assault Charges

When a person is charged with any form of “assault against the person” they’ll be viewed by the court as the type of person who poses a threat to public safety and society as a whole, or portrayed as such by Travis County prosecutors.

Considering the societal movement against so-called bullies and the rise of social justice proponents, the last thing you need is to appear in the courtroom of an activist judge without qualified legal representation.

When you’re represented by Travis County criminal defense lawyer Jackson F. Gorski, you’ll have an excellent attorney in your corner. A rising star in Austin’s legal community, Attorney Jackson F. Gorski is known for doing the hard work associated with achieving excellent results on behalf of his clients.

This “hard work” includes tracking down witnesses or establishing the lack of such, reviewing evidence or pointing out the lack thereof, and reviewing police reports and requesting police recordings to ensure that your rights weren’t violated during your detainment and subsequent arrest.

If there are no witnesses, no evidence against you, or if your rights were violated, the State of Texas will have no choice but to dismiss your case.

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Attorney Jackson F. Gorski is proud be one of the most affordable lawyers in Austin. He prides himself on offering cheaper rates than bail bondsmen for Travis County jail release and flexible payment plans for defendants with serious cases. (Serious cases are cases that require extensive investigation and expert witnesses.) Whether you’re ready to pay your full legal fee up front, or need to make partial payments, we’ll work with you and your family. Although we aren’t the cheapest law firm in Austin, we’re able to work with almost anyone dealing with any situation.

As your lawyer, you can be assured that I’ll be up-front with you about the truth about the possibilities for your case and it’s important that you to be honest and upfront with me. I’m serious about defending my clients because I believe that defending people against the government is the most important job that a lawyer can do. Taking a case seriously means being actively involved in the case, being 100% cooperative, and being proactive about understanding and embracing the developments in the case.

Being one of the best lawyers in Austin for people accused of criminal offenses means being professional, effective, and most of all, accountable to one’s clients as opposed to leaving a client with the feeling that their lawyer is distant. That’s not the Gorski way.

If you’re facing criminal charges for assault in Austin, Travis County, TX, and you need to sit down and discuss the matter with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, contact Attorney Jackson F. Gorski immediately.

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