SAPCR: Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relationships

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In many cases, children are born to non-existent or tenuous relationships, yet legal rights must be implemented for the estranged or shunned parent to have a real say and involvement in the raising of the child.

One of the most exciting life rewards that an adult can experience is raising a child. However, when a child is conceived in the midst of arguing parents, or if the truth about the biological father is uncertain, it can be a confusing, traumatic, and frustrating experience for an adult to undergo.

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Who Has Parental Rights in Texas?

Because women give birth to the child, many of them automatically think that they have greater rights than the father. This is not entirely true. Because both the father and the mother contributed in their obvious ways to the birth of the child; the general parental rights may be equal to both parents. Either both of the involved parties can resolve the issue privately, or the family courts can get involved and issue a court order of enforceable rights.

Complications usually persist in cases where parentage is being contested. In Texas, an original Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR) must be filled in order to determine the identity of both parents and establish parental rights and duties.

The original SAPCR action can progress to the court immediately once the parentage is established. However, conservatorship and other parental rights such as child support payments and the awarding of visitation rights will be established.

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Parentage & Expectations

Acquiring parental rights can be a great joy but keep in mind that several responsibilities come with the achievement. For instance, non-custodial parents will be ordered by the court to pay child support in order to provide for the child.

In most cases, Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relations in Texas are filled between the birth parents. The mother of the child generally files to suit to get legal recognition of the father of the child. A DNA test may be ordered or requested as a condition or result of the suit. The mother must pay the cost for the test if the father has been ruled out as the biological father of the child. The moment the correct father is identified, the court will provide an order addressing a number of issues, which include the following;

  • Child Support Payments,
  • Determination of Custodial Parent,
  • Child Visitation,
  • Legal Guardianship,
  • Healthcare Coverage,
  • and the State or Location of the Child’s Residency.

Clarity with regard to the above mentioned is critical to being a parent, maintaining one’s sanity, and caring for a child. If you have questions about getting rights to your child, or forcing another person to assume their responsibilities, you’ll need legal representation. Attorney Jack Gorski can help you.

If you are engaged in a divorce, have a child outside wedlock, are separated, or seeking to be granted the custody of your grandchild, you need to understand your rights and the available options. The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski will help you.

If you need professional legal assistance to secure rights to your child, another child, or forcing an adult to assume their responsibilities, seek advice from Attorney Jackson F. Gorski or another experienced SAPCR & parental rights lawyer in Austin as soon as possible.

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