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Adoption is as popular in Austin for forging full & complete family units as it is anywhere else in Texas. If you’re in need of legal help for an adoption related matter, whether it be a step-parent adoption or a private adoption, The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski will provide the guidance you’ll need to avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary hurdles.

To talk with an attorney about your case today, you can reach my law office 24/7 by calling me by phone at 512-960-4646.

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The Child Adoption Concept Explained

The purpose of adoption, as a legal tool of the state, is to create a way for children to find loving, caring, and nurturing homes.

Although adoption is a wonderful option for people looking to adopt babies and/or foster children, the process is wrought with complexities.

Having an experienced Travis County adoption attorney on your side is essential for saving time, making progress, and finally, adopting a child. If you’re ready to start the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jackson F. Gorksi, an experienced Austin child adoption attorney in Travis County.

Schedule your 100% confidential consultation today, by calling 512-960-4646.

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Hoping to Adopt a Baby and/or Foster Child?

An Experienced Austin, Texas Child Adoption Attorney Can Help

The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski provides excellent legal services to its clients which entails legal representation for multiple forms of Texas adoptions, help with the paperwork, protection of your rights, and assistance with completing some of the other requirements associated with adopting a baby, child, or older minor.

Transferring parental rights in Texas, or creating them, requires the successful completion of a number of complicated legal steps. (See “Texas Adoption Requirements” below.)

Attorney Jackson F. Gorski, the firm’s founder and lead attorney, has the experience you’ll need on your side to make the adoption process as seamless as possible.

In my experience, I’ve seen others contend with complications that couldn’t be predicted, but that could have been avoided, had their case been in the hands of experienced counsel.

If you’re looking for an experienced attorney in Austin to consult about your options for adopting a child, Attorney Jackson F. Gorksi is here to help. I’m ready to answer your call anytime of the day or night. My phone number is 512-960-4646.

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Types of Child Adoption Representation I Provide

Stepparent Adoption

In the State of Texas, if you’re the stepparent of a child you have legal standing to file for adoption of that child or children. Stepparent adoptions are one of the most different forms of adoption as the stepparent generally knows the child, the parent, and has shared residency with one or both of them as an immediate family member for a lengthy period of time.

With this form of adoption the process can be streamlined as it’s mainly a way to establish a legal relationship for an already-existing family unit. However, it shouldn’t be assumed that their won’t be or aren’t complications with the stepparent-adoption process. By working with Attorney Jackson F. Gorski or another experienced child adoption lawyer in Austin, you’ll save time, avoid complications, and stay on the best path to making your family 100% whole.

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Private Adoption

This method of adopting a child is highly complex, and complicated for inexperienced petitioners and would-be litigants. There are a number of lawfully required processes that must be followed or the attempt will fail. If you’re considering adopting a baby or a child via private adoption, you’ll make the process a lot less complicated with Attorney Jackson F. Gorski as your chief counsel or another skilled family law attorney in Austin that’s familiar with Texas law & family code as it relates to adoption.

With private adoption cases the biological parent(s) have a say in which family will be allowed to adopt their child. Parents who are hoping to adopt may also be able to choose the birth mother.

Attorney Jackson F. Gorksi recommends that both the biological parents and the adopting parents have legal representation. You all have rights and need-to-know information to be made aware of.

The private adoption process provides the best benefit for the child. It keeps them out of the troubled foster-care system and from being under the care of the State of Texas for lengthy periods of time.

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Texas Adoption Requirements

Some of the Processes that Must be Finalized

As previously mentioned, the State of Texas has number of requirements for families hoping to add an adopted child to their fold. Also, there are a number of processes which doesn’t involve the applicant-family which are mainly related to the previous parent(s)/guardian(s). Some of which, we’ve listed below.

  • Termination of parental rights by the previous parent.
  • Filing a Petition for Name Change
  • A visit to the home of the adopting family may be required, with immediate family members present.
  • Adopting families must provide background information, and have lifestyle conducive to raising a child.
  • The State of Texas may also ask for proof via financial documentation that the family is financial stable.
  • The State of Texas may ask for a number of references which will require relatives and non-relatives.
  • Applicants must pass criminal background checks, and family neglect/abuse related screenings.

For a comprehensive overview of adopting/foster family requirements contact Attorney Jackson F. Gorski at 512-960-4646 or visit the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

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Ready to Start the Adoption Process?

Contact Attorney Jackson F. Gorski Today!

When you call my office, you’ll likely speak directly with me, Attorney Jackson F. Gorski, an esteemed lawyer and respected litigant at the Travis County Family Law Center. I’ll be ready to schedule a time to meet with you or to discuss your options for adding a child to your family.

Although I have excellent work ethic and maintain the highest level of professionalism with my clients, I also have the experience, skill, wisdom and knowledge-of-process to efficiently and effectively help you achieve your goal of adopting or fostering a child.

If the adoption process isn’t correctly executed it can fail, or, in other words, be subject to an invalidation declaration by the court.

If you’re ready to talk with Attorney Jackson F. Gorski, start the process and take action, call my office immediately at 512-960-4646.

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