Looking for a Competent Family Lawyer in Austin?

Matters involving the family can be complicated, especially when the courts and the legal system are involved. For this reason, you can’t afford to engage in any form of legal battle involving family and civil courts without excellent legal representation fighting for your interests.

Attorney Jackson F. Gorski is a seasoned family & civil law attorney who believes that when working hand in hand with the client, the environment is set for them to realize the best possible outcome from their ordeal. In other words, the development of a sincere attorney-client relationship is always the foundation of winning legal campaigns.

An Affordable & Understanding Family Lawyer

Austin family law attorney Jackson F. Gorski understands that you have short-term concerns which have long-term implications. The strategies we employ with regard to the litigation of your case(s) takes into account you and your family’s well-being now, and in the future. The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski also allows flexible payment plans for those who need them, and affordable legal rates to all.

Attorney Jackson F. Gorski is prepared to handle complex marital issues which involve post & pre-marital agreements, Power of Attorney filings, prenuptial agreements, divorce, settlement mediation, property division matters, and legal matters relating to children.

Whether it be adoption, child custody, child support enforcement, or obtaining grandparent’s rights or legal guardianship, The Law Office of Jackson F. Gorski is ready to help find the solution you’re looking for.