Traffic Crimes

Austin Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jackson F. Gorski

As a criminal justice & traffic ticket lawyer in Austin since 2014, I can tell you first hand that fighting a traffic ticket may seem like the more expensive option as opposed to paying the fine.

But that’s because most folks don’t consider the ancillary costs. Such costs may include, higher insurance premiums, fines, a loss of points of your Texas Driver License, and expensive renewal surcharges for persons who are out of points.

In short, a conviction for a traffic violation can become a nightmare for some of us. However, with my office on your side, a conviction can be avoided and you can keep your driving record clean.

Some folks might believe that paying a traffic ticket is the faster way to get the matter behind them, but it’s not the best. The best way to handle a traffic ticket is to fight it in court and keep your driving record clean.

If you’re looking for a traffic ticket lawyer in the Austin region, let me help you. Call me at 512-960-4646.